Original Antarctica guidebook for adventurous travelers.

Are you a traveller who wants to visit Antarctica? Or are you the one who doesn’t but you are interested in adventurous stories from real life? Footprints from Antarctica is a compilation of stories which me and my friend experienced on our 3-months journey in Antarctic Peninsula in 2018. The travel-guide from a different angle is ready for you altogether with a photo bonus.

footprints from antarctica guidebook

We spent 3 months by travelling round Antarctica (Antarctic Peninsula). We saw plenty of fascinating things and we had wonderful time there. Now we are ready to share everything with you and we can’t wait to answer your questions, especially:

  • What is the feeling like when you taste snow?
  • How to deal with seasickness?
  • What currency is used in Antarctica and why?
  • Why are penguins so cute and why do seals bite?
  • Are icebergs really so beautiful?
  • What happens if you get close to whales?
  • What clothes is essential in order to survive Antarctic cold?
  • Which places are worth visiting and why?
  • How to plunge into the Antarctic sea and enjoy it?

My e-book includes authentic photos from Antarctica and Shetland Islands, altogether with interesting tips and stories from the whole trip.

This handy & entertaining e-book can be yours just for 99,- CZK!

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